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H-Line Corrugated Sheets

Shivshakti Polyplast produced H-line corrugated sheets are made from high quality, strong and hygienic raw material of polypropylene. With cutting edge techniques to compliance with customers demand our products has constant command over the market worldwide.  The exclusive and remarkable features of Shivshakti Polyplast produced sheets include implausible capability to resists against water and chemicals. H-line sheet is adaptable product by entire market worldwide due to properties of tough Polypropylene. It mostly used in various industrial sectors like Beverages Industries, Agricultural Industries, Plastic Industries, Textile Industries, Medical Industries, Printing Technology etc. These sheets are presented in both side corona treated outer parts to give similarity with printing inks. Their exclusive feature competent to resist UV and Non UV rays make it manifest for various sectors as those are tested on varied parameters in order to ensure the quality and durability. These sheets are available in different sizes and colors at most reasonable rates for our esteemed customers.

Product Details

Thickness : :Available in 2mm to 8mm
Weight : :250GSM to 2500GSM
Size : :Up to 1500mm Wide and Cut Lengths
Colors : :White, Blue, Red, Yellow , Green and many eye-catching colors
Printing : :Both side corona treaded surface to provide affinity with printing inks
Food Contacts : :Suitable for contact with food uses
Weather : :UV stabilized grade with better Outdoor life concerns and Non-UV Sheets for normal interior applications

Comparision of Corrugated Sheets and Cardboard

Functionality Corrugated Plastic Corrugated Cardboard
Fast and Cheap
Resistant against slight tear and Puncture
Leaves no Dust or Fluff
Long-Term Savings Because of its reusable
Production is Quite Fast
Waterproof and Resistant against Chemical Effects
Resuable and Recycle

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