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welcome Shivshakti Polyplast is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic corrugated sheets, corrugated boxes, boards, partition etc in India. Since our inception till date we have successfully delivered high qualitative products to various sectors such as electronic firms, automotive firms and signage industries at most competitive rates. We are producing two types of products mainly, "H-Line Corrugated Sheet" and "S-Line Corrugated Sheet". Both are made of polypropylene (PP) copolymer resin. Due to the exclusive features of the sheets, it is suitable for various industrial sectors like plastic industries, architecture development industries, wooden and flowers industries, graphics industries, packaging industries, marble-stone industries, clothing industries, fishing industries, publication industries, electronic industries, teaching and stationery, farming industries, medicine industries ,fiber industries etc.

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Packing Product

Shivshakti Polyplast also involved in producing the finest quality PP Corrugated Box for their valued client world wide as per their client’s standard and customized demands of design and sizes with the assurance of quality standard. Shivshakti Polyplast produces PP Corrugated Box is the most compatible solution of packing industries for all their need of Hygienic, custom sized, Printable, and Reusable and eco friendly packing purposes.

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Polyplast Product

Shivshakti Polyplast also has fine command over design and production of Polyplast products such as corrugated sheets like H-line corrugated sheets and S-line corrugated sheets etc using advanced technology and superior quality raw materials of Polypropylene (PP) copolymer resin with the standard features to assure the quality standard which encloses highly advanced and adequate features like competent to resist UV and Non UV rays, light weight, chemical resist, water resist, reusable-recycled and so on.

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Roofing product

Shivshakti Polyplast designs and produces excellent quality Roofing Products such as Trapezoidal Wave Profile (three layered roofing sheets), Round Wave Profile Roofing Sheets and Transparent Profile Roofing Sheets using advanced technology and superior quality raw materials such as high qualitative UPVC (Un- plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) with the standard features to assure the quality standard.

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Custom Printing

We provide full sheet color printing facility as per custom requirement. Using printing inks we prints sheet both side which are more attractive.



Corrugated sheet available with different size starting from 2mm to 8 mm. Generally thickness of corrugated sheet depends on users requirements.



We provide a extensive range colors in corrugated sheet. We avail with different colors like White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and other eye-catching colors.



Corrugated sheet are available in any size as per customer requirement. Normally size of sheet is available up to 1500mm.



Corrugated sheet are available in different weight. We provide these sheets in wide range. In general High weighted sheets are more tough and durable


Recycle Polypropylene

We used virgin and recycled polypropylene for producing corrugated sheet. Mainly sheet are made from virgin martial are more durable than recycled corrugated sheet.

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